Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Knowledge Increases By Sharing. So, Pass It On

Hi all,

Use this post to share knowledge about HR topics and ask your queries to others.

"ज्ञान बाटो, ज्ञान बढ़ाओ'

Vishal Nagda

H. R. Professionals Group

Hi all,

The "H.R. Professionals Group", formed in January 2008 is probably the fastest growing H.R group on LinkedIn. As on 17-Mar-08, the group has 715 members and is growing at an average of more than 12 new members per day. With members from a wide array of industries at various levels (freshers to HR experts) spanning different levels of experience (entry level to HR heads of companies) and spread across different geographies (all over the world), it is the place to be for H.R. Professionals.

The group membership allows you to find and contact other H.R. Professionals on LinkedIn. The goal of this group is to help members:

  • Reach out to other members of H.R. Community
  • Accelerate careers/business through referrals from Group members
  • Share Knowledge regarding the field of H.R.
  • Learn from a vast pool of experienced H.R. Professionals from varied industries.
  • Form a platform for all H.R. Professionals to discuss and debate on topics related to H.R.

Hope to see you benefit from the group. And if you do, please don't forget to drop in a line about it to me !!!

Here's the link to join:

[Please allow 48 hours for approval]

Please feel free to forward this link to any of your colleagues from the H.R. Community


Thanks & Regards,
Vishal Nagda